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Baoji titanium industry development plan through the review


Recently, baoji "1553" plan of action of strong city from industry especially at the titanium and titanium alloy industry working group, held the baoji titanium industry development planning (2018-2022), "expert commenting, by northwestern university, northwestern polytechnical university, xi 'an jiaotong university college scholars such as rapid manufacturing center baoji innovation center, as well as the giant into treasure titanium group, baoji titanium industry such as titanium industry panels composed of famous experts, to the baoji titanium industry development planning (2018-2022), has carried on the review.


Titanium industry is an indispensable and important part of strategic emerging industries. It is listed as eight priority pillar industries in shaanxi province and one of the five priority industries in baoji city. The baoji titanium industry development planning (2018-2022) by the northwest industrial technology research institute is responsible for the preparation of baoji branch, from consolidating existing base advantage, promote industrial innovation ability and expand product applications from three aspects, expounds the development and current situation of baoji titanium industry, has been clear about the general requirements and goals of baoji titanium industry, put forward the city's main task and key work of titanium industry, and gives the corresponding guarantee measures.


At the review meeting, the expert group and the participants listened to the report of planning and preparation carefully, and made inquiry and discussion. The expert group held that the baoji titanium industry development plan (2018-2022) conforms to the national new material industry planning and development requirements and the overall needs of baoji industrial industry development plan, and agreed to pass the review. The planning and compilation units are required to carefully study and review the expert opinions and further modify and improve the planning.


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