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About us

Shaanxi Yuhengyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating production, processing and trade of pure titanium and titanium alloy materials, rare metal materials, titanium alloy products and titanium chemical equipment. The company is located in Baoji High-tech Development Zone, Shaanxi Province, which is known as “China Titanium Valley”. Because of its proximity to Baoti Group and Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, it has unique technological advantages and human resources advantages. The company's production quality management system is strictly implemented in accordance with national standards. Product quality meets national and international standards. In the research and development of titanium alloy new material grades, we are constantly investing, striving for domestic first-class level, and making unremitting efforts to reach the international advanced level as soon as possible.

We adhere to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, development by innovation, market by reputation", and serve customers with excellent technology and first-class products. The company's aim is to rely on the strong scientific research strength and independent research and development strength of Baoji Titanium Valley Industrial Cluster, market-oriented, technological advancement and technological innovation as the forerunner, develop high-tech products, form specialization and differentiation advantages, and deep processing of titanium materials. Contribute more to value-added extension applications.

Main products and grades: The company mainly produces pure titanium, titanium alloy and nickel materials, titanium plate, titanium rod, titanium alloy plate, titanium alloy rod, titanium tube, titanium alloy tube, titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, titanium foil , titanium strip, titanium powder, titanium cake, titanium ring, nickel rod, nickel plate, nickel tube, nickel wire, nickel strip, nickel foil, TC4 titanium alloy processing parts, titanium target for vacuum coating, titanium flange, titanium pipe , titanium elbow tee, titanium coil, titanium basket, titanium heat exchanger, titanium reactor, titanium fan, titanium non-standard chemical equipment.

Products are widely used in vacuum salt, fine chemicals, petrochemical, chlor-alkali industry, electroplating, electrolysis, aerospace, desalination and other fields.


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